Saturday, September 22, 2007

happy ....

Hi all….marked this day as one of my happiest day although not really the happiest day cos my son is still sick but important is he is better than tomorrow. He did not vomit today and last night though he always wakes up us its okay. Whooaahh last night I received a call from Gvendur I am not really expecting his call since I know he will be home today. He just surprised me when he said he will see me after 2 minutes.hehehe… I could not think of a word that can express how happy I am when I see him on cam. I am looking forward for our next chat later today.hehehe… FYI my new website is almost done. I did post my first entry using WP. But apologize can’t gave the URL address this time. I need to wait until it is fully done.hehehehe…..

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