Sunday, December 30, 2007

at last

.. my eon card is not working because the teller on the union bank did not tell me that i need to deposit some amount so that i can enroll my card to my paypal account i was just waiting until my card is activated. i only found out that i need to deposit some amount when i call the union bank costumer care. so i immediately visit the union branch and deposited P150.00 and enroll my card in my paypal account. i thought i can finally enroll my card but was surprised i still need to wait for 5 banking days to get my expended use number. good thing i again try to call union bank costumer care after 2 days if i can have my expended use number and bingo i finally have this 4 number and i hurriedly open my account and enter my expended use number. in just a few minutes my eon card is verified. now i am in my 2 days waiting for my molah.. and in 3-5 days i will have the molah in my eon card.

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