Sunday, December 30, 2007

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During weddings, an invitation plays a big role on this event. Couples need to distribute to their invited guest before the wedding date. And since most of the time the couples kept souvenirs during this memorable day of their life having a good and nice wedding invitation is a plus. How about choosing personalized wedding invitations for sure your guests will love the invitations and keep it for their own keepsake. If you are living in UK you don’t need to be fretful because at they have top artist that will do anything you want in your invitations. You can your invitation in just 48 hours, well prepared and printed well in a nice stationary. You have a look of your personalized invitation online before you complete your order in there secure server. is also specialized party invitations, birthday invitations, birth announcement card, change of address card any many more. Hurry up visit their site of call +44 (0) 115 923 5604 for more information and guidance to have a unique and personalized invitations that you desire.

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Do you own ford car? If so you might be in need or looking of a radiator. You can explore they are the leading radiator distributor they also have over 60,000 different radiators so you can for sure have the radiator you need.For 20 years now they cover entire United States but before they only have 3 man working to give services to their costumer in Northern California. What makes me interested and want to recommend this site is that you can have a lifetime warranty when you purchased your Ford Radiator with them and you call their 24 hours online technician when you have problems. What are you waiting for, avail this once in a lifetime offer this will help you minimize your radiator expense. They also assure that their costumer will get the right radiator replacement to your car and the best. Lastly they can ship the product on the same day to your door step.

at last

.. my eon card is not working because the teller on the union bank did not tell me that i need to deposit some amount so that i can enroll my card to my paypal account i was just waiting until my card is activated. i only found out that i need to deposit some amount when i call the union bank costumer care. so i immediately visit the union branch and deposited P150.00 and enroll my card in my paypal account. i thought i can finally enroll my card but was surprised i still need to wait for 5 banking days to get my expended use number. good thing i again try to call union bank costumer care after 2 days if i can have my expended use number and bingo i finally have this 4 number and i hurriedly open my account and enter my expended use number. in just a few minutes my eon card is verified. now i am in my 2 days waiting for my molah.. and in 3-5 days i will have the molah in my eon card.

i am reckless

....that is why i lost one task. yay, i am disappointed to find out i click the wrong button i was about to click reserve but because i am not in my mind i click the reject button and it was late to recover it. huhuhuh... pity me i have been waiting for to have task from this site and when i have some i lost one task. isn't frustrating? bye bye bye to $5, maybe it is not for me and someone deserve that task more than I.

have a perfect wedding at

Wedding planning can be difficult to some couples especially if the bride is picky. Huh, we can not blame the bride for acting like that, anyway it’s her big day and for sure she wants the best on her wedding. Planning a weeding may takes a year and that is depend on what kind of weeding, of course if you want a grand wedding it needs more preparation and time. Anyway who don’t want to have a great wedding for sure everybody wants that. We sometimes thought that because we prepare for this weeding long enough it can be frustrating to the bride if she bumps into some mistake.

Now all the brides don’t need to be anxious because I saw this site that will help those brides have some Wedding Ideas . At they offer ideas and advice to your wedding dress and accessories. They can even assist you to have the right wordings in your invitation, receptions, cakes and even your honeymoon. Hurry visits their site to have a worry free but memorable wedding.

treasure award for my blog

huh, got another blog award from my blogger friend Norm. This blog award is a good start of another year since year 2008 is coming soon. I do treasure my blog because i earn a little amount from blogging although i still consider my self as a newbie on the world of blogging. thanks to those blogger friends who made it possible for me especially fe for with her i start to blog although i have blog on my friendster account but i odnt have any idea that i can earn from it. Now i am passing this award to my friendster friends and now my blogger friends Ate Joy, Fe and Weng.

7 weird things about me

Chikai tagged me about 7 weird things huh, this is really interesting. I am tagging Weng, Femikey, Poray, Ate Joy, Norm, Lolli and Petra.


Here are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

Here goes…

  1. I always like to takeout something to eat and eat that on my way home while on a public transportation (jeep).
  2. I can finish bathing in 10 mins, that is if i am running out of time and i need to get ready.
  3. Every night i ask my son to hug me although he is sleeping and i tell you he give me a hug until i fall asleep.
  4. I love to pamper my nephew and nieces but kuripot to my self.
  5. I eat foods although i knew it that i will vomit after i ate. (eg. dried fish with salt)
  6. I sometimes ask my love to call me although we just log off from ym
  7. I don't like sending sms (my love tease me that i don't know how to sms)

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Planning to have a splendid vacation? Sometimes vacationers thought that looking for a good accommodation is difficult, the fact is you can find any accommodation you would like to have anytime of the day you just need to have a computer and internet connection. I saw this site that I think will help big time to those who are looking for a luxury place or cheap accommodation. I am talking about, in this site you can actually find many hotels of your desire. You can also use their advanced search to be sure you will find the hotels that is best to you and to your budget. has a variety of choices in some places such as Barcelona hotels, Rome hotels, Prague hotels, London hotels, Dublin hotels, and New York hotels. You can also avail the special offers waits to their costumers. What are you waiting for visit their site and book now to have a worry free vacation. Lastly they don’t ask any payment for your booking.