Friday, August 1, 2008

Want to loss weight?

I know I’ve been ranting about my weights in my previous post. How I wish I will have my body figure before I give birth to my son more than three years ago. Since then I gained almost ten kilos. And my goal this year is to loss 7 kilos so I will have a good body figure but problem is my boyfriend wants me to have this body. He will always say I am not fat whenever I rant how heavy I am today. Anyway I am still lucky because I am obese. I know obesity is one common problem encounter by some people around the globe and I think my cousin is a candidate for obesity. He is only 16 years old and he is too heavy for his age. He is actually a lot bigger compare to his dad.

I once told my cousin to walk with me every morning but boy he is not a type of person who will wake up early and have a walk. Maybe because he is young and he is not really aware that being too fat is bad for his health. If I and my cousin continue to gain weight although we try to have a diet maybe it’s the right time to take diet pills. There are hundreds or even thousands diet pills available in the market nowadays. We all know that sometimes taking pills that has bad quality can be harmful to our body so for us to be safe we should be careful. One more thing to consider to check how effective the diet pill we are taking and of course how much it will cost us.

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