Thursday, September 11, 2008

Abusing my health

Health is wealth, I realized that when I got sick. I have been sitting in front of my pc early in the morning and I log off late at night. I know i am abusing my health and my asthma strike again for the second time. I am still thankful it was not bad as the first attack and worse my lalabs had his trip to Turkey with his father and sister. I was really a bad night for me though he always comfort me through his calls and sms but still I wish he is beside me. Anyway i am not back in full force yet though my brain wants that but my body is refusing. hehehe.. So i better follow the language of my body not the language of my stubborn brain. lol..While I'm off from blogging my cousin ask me favor to search of different illness and I found this illness called Cholecystitis. The grasp my attention as i can find symptoms, definition, treatment and anything that I need to know this kind of illness. If you want to know of a certain illness just visit and all you question will be answered. This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

Miss blogging

hello folks!!!! I really miss you all. It's been few days since my absence in blogging world. I missed blog hopping or should i say ec dropping. I am not yet back in full force, if this migraine will just leave me alone I am sure I will be more okay. To all my friends who wished me well a big thank I really appreciate it. But apologized if I can't return the drop in your site hindi pa lang talaga kaya ng power ko. hehehe... to all of you i promise to return the favor.