Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing My Boyfriend

I really miss my boyfriend, I've not seen him on cam for couple of days now though I recieve sms from him everyday it is not helping at all. I hope he will find time to chat with me soon. Well, I know it would not be easy for his side coz he is with his father who undergone an operation few hours ago. Anyway, just recently I came this website which help those who are searching medical travel. You can freely visit the link anytime for more information.

Update Finally

Geezz.. pardon me guys for not updating my blog like I used to be. I am just uber lazy sitting in front of my pc while my boyfriend is off to USA to accompany his father. Though I am always online and checked if I have links assignment but as soon as I am done I always opt to showdown my pc. I just hope the blogging mojo in me will get back soon..

Sunday, November 22, 2009


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Insurance Quotes

The fan in my room is not really helping to cool down the hot temperature in my room. I still have few task that need to be done but since I am sweating a lot I need to take a break or just open the aircon in my room which I seldom use to prevent from paying high electric bill. Anyway, few weeks from now we will be welcoming another year and it is this time when everybody are applying for insurances. Getting an insurance quotes can be time consuming and hard to decide which insurance company can suffice your needs and budget. Gladly, free insurance quotes always come in a handy. This will help insurance seeker find the right quotes for them and their family.

Blog Neglected

Argh.. I haven’t updating this blog for quite sometimes now. I already posted the reasons in my other blogs. As I’ve mentioned in my other blogs I got an asthma attack for the second time, the first bad attack was a year ago. Aside from asthma I am also having dry cough which lead me to undergo chest x-ray and thanks god the x-ray results was good although I have lung infection. On the other hand, I am also thankful that I also I am off from the blogging world and chasing opps I still have few tasks assigned to my blog. A good reason to be happy lol..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Loose Belly Fat Fast

Time flies too fast and before we know it party invitations are left and right. Who could resist those mouth watering foods that are on the table? Well, not me for sure. And for sure early next year some of us will be searching on how to lose belly fat fast. Luckily, listed the top 25 strongest fat burner in available in the market today. Should you need more information? Go and visit the website now!


At last I am here updating this blog that has been neglected for like gazillion years lol..Anyway lot of stuff happened to me while I am on and off in the blogging world. I am glad that I am back to normal now and hopefully for good. The desktop has been a pain in the ass for few days... and coz of this I am broke now. bad coz I really want to go out with my son..