Saturday, April 25, 2009

Medical and Health Needs

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On Submitting A Post

I've been trying to submit two post in my two other blogs but I always got an error. I already send an e-mail regarding this problem and I hope they can solve it soon at least before my task expire. I also encountered an error last this few months ago but after sending them an e-mail about the error i did not receive any response from them but then, before the task expire I tried to re-submit the post and i finally did it. As a blogger I always make it sure to do every assignment that will come my away.

Happy Weekend

Hi guys!! its weekend once again. Do you have any plan this weekend? As for me I do not have any plan yet. Well, I always stay at home during weekends. It's the time when I can take a long nap and watch tv. But for this weekend, I will be watching the basketball games in my place. The SK councils hosted an inter zone basketball and volleyball tournament. it will be a fun weekend for me for sure.