Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medical Scrubs Online Store

I thought that medical scrubs will stay boring and plain forever but I was wrong because nurse and doctors nowadays have a lot of options on their dressing. Aside from wearing those plain and white uniforms, now they can be fashionable by wearing colorful and stylish scrubs. I happen to came across this online store called Scrubs and Beyond. Scrubs and Beyond is the leader of medical scrubs and nursing uniforms and has introduced new ways for the people on the medical field be chic without having a hole in their pocket. And since its Valentine’s Day I would like to have this scrub on the picture. Isn’t cute? But unfortunately I am not working in the medical field so I would not have a chance to wear this Dickies Tulip Hearts print scrub top. Anyway, whether you are looking for sports scrubs, surgical scrubs or veterinary scrubs and other medical scrubs Scrubs & Beyond has it. At this time they are running a video contest. Joining is very easy, the contest must make a video her/himself, friends, co-workers or student rocking with this scrub uniforms. Winners will receive $2,500 Sru Scrubs & Beyond cbs and Beyond gift card.

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