Thursday, May 20, 2010

Extreme Body Workout

A year after giving birth, I started gaining weight. The boyfriend wants me to gain few kilos as I look too skinny for him but unfortunately I continue to gain weight although I already reach the minimum weights. So for more than two years, I have been struggling on how to tone my body and shed off some extra kilos and fats. The love of foods and not having enough dedication hindered me doing from doing so. That is why; I make it a promise to lose weight before this year end. I haven’t started yet as I am still thinking of a good way to lose weight. A friend of mine suggested me to try workouts on DVD’s such as P90X Workout. I am tempted to try this workout since I don’t have enough time to go out as I am kind of busy running my online errands and taking care of my son. Good thing I found this website that offer extreme body workout DDV’s such as Slim in 6 and 10 Minute Trainer. I just hope my body could endure this kind of workout. Being an asthmatic mommy, I also need to consider my health. So those who are in a lookout for extreme body workout DVD’s I urge you to visit

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px90 program said...

It is designed to get you in "ripped" shape in 90 days. After almost 3 full weeks, I am already in the best shape I have every been in. I didn't do this to lose weight, I am already at a perfect weight, but I wanted to get super fit. I have always exercised, but I have never gotten results like this.