Wednesday, May 12, 2010


While waiting for the boyfriend to call me for chat I decided to open my desktop thought of blog hopping. However, I could not concentrate on what I am doing because of the slight headache. But I guess it’s not only the head I also feel something that I could not explain. Perhaps, it’s the temperature.. Anyway since I could not concentrate on what I am doing I might take a nap and hopefully I will feel better in time for chat. But before I turn off the desktop I need to search for skateboarding accessories. I am please that I found this awesome online store that offer complete skateboards, skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, accessories, clothing, pad and much more. At present, the website is offering 20% off for pre-assembled complete. So if you are seriously searching of skateboard paraphernalia’s go and check out the link I’ve provided. It is also the right place to visit for those who want a customized skateboard.

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