Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Round Of Christmas Shopping

TGIF, once again. Wow, I am getting excited in less than two weeks it will be Christmas day. I am currently listening Christmas songs played in the nieghborhood. I don’t know what is in the christmas songs that I find serene inside me whenever I heard them played.

Speaking about Christmas, I am not yet done with my Chirtmas shopping. I still need to buy christmas present for my god children. I also need to buy the gift for exchange gift of the little one and nephew's christmas party. Ohh, before I forget I haven’t buy the stuff that the little one needs to put in his shoe box that I wrapped few days ago. The school will be having a gift giving to less fortunate children before the school Christmas party.

Hay,with so many things that I need to buy I might end up banckcrupt before the end of this year, hehehe..

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