Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Womens Health & Fitness

Of course we all want to be healthy and free from any kinds of illness. But for some reasons, there are instances that we overlook our health. Working hard is one of the top reasons why some people forget about their health. Bad habit such as smoking and drinking too much liquor can also cause serious illness. Too bad, but it really happens and worst it's too late before we knew that we are sick.

I can still vividly remember when I was pregnant I was afraid of taking any medicine. I was scared that the medicine I might take can cause bad side effect to the baby inside my tummy. I don't understand why I always have toothache when I was pregnant. Out of my curiosity, I asked lots of questions about pregnancy to the midwife who is assign at the clinic near us. Since I was a first time Mom, she give me a lot of important pregnancy advice that I should follow while I am pregnant.

Good thing, there are website are specially design to give important information about womens health that, us, women often overlooked. I admit I was a bit careless when it comes to my health when I was younger. I only appreciate that womens fitness is really important after giving birth.

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