Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sun Is Up..

After raining for more than a week in a row Mr Sunshine is showed up today. I’ve been wishing for the sun since the path way from our house to the main road is already muddy and whenever the little one goes to school I need to carry him to avoid dirt in his socks and shoes. The little one is more or less 30 kilos so imagine how heavy he is. So last week I decided to ask my Mum to bring his lunch in school along with my nephew’s lunch and that save me from carrying the little one again.

I do hope, Mr Sunshine will show up tomorrow as it is our laundry day. It is such a bummer when it’s raining during laundry day. We do have a drier but still we need to hang the clothes outside for I don’t like the smell of the clothes when it is not hang under the sun.

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