Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internet Connection Problem

Geezz, my internet connection has been on and off since this morning. At first I thought it is the connection but after trying to connect to internet at around 5 in the afternoon I noticed that the DSL light in the modem is off. So I immediately call the customer service of my internet provider and I was given a reference number. She told me that a technician will check my connection tomorrow. The thought of not having internet connection pisses me off.

An hour after calling the customer service I noticed that the light in DSL power is on so I decided to open my notebook and connect it to internet and viola I successfully connect to internet. However I still lost connection once in a while. I also received a call from the internet provider asking how my connection is, I told him the truth. He advises me to call the customer service if ever I will encounter the same problem again. This is what I like with my internet provider a technician is always in the rescue whenever I have problem with my connection.

Anyway I am hoping I will not have problem connecting to internet again.

Home Speakers

In my free time you can actually see me lying in bed reading or sitting in front of the television watching my favorite shows or movies. One day, while watching my favorite movie I always asked my son and nephew to stop making noise as I could not understand what I am watching. How I wish I have enough money to buy for home speakers so I could enjoy what I am watching. I am sure if I connect our television and other electronic equipment I will not have problem listening to what I am watching.

I recently did some online searching and found this website called They offer free shipping and a 30 day trial.

Get Rid Of Blackheads

I sleep late last night so I thought I am going to stay late in bed but I was wrong because I got a call for my sissy and I could not go back to sleep since it is almost six in the morning. I am glad that although don’t usually have enough sleep there are no pimples or blackheads.

However there are some individuals who are having problem with pimples and blackheads, specially the blackheads on nose, I personally know someone who is always complaining how she can get rid the blackheads on her nose. I really hope she can finally get rid of it after I share the link I’ve found recently. She has been through a lot of creams promising to get rid of blackheads but nothing seems to happen. I guess, it’s high time she stop worrying about this and be happy with her face.