Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Music And Singing

There is no doubt that most of us like listening to music. These days you will see a lot of people listening to their favourite music while walking or doing anything. I so love music that I often wish I know how to sing. I admit I could not even follow even the simplest tone. My family and friends would ask me to sing but I don’t have enough courage to sing. I know my capability when it comes to singing. So, it’s not a surprise when I envy my relatives and friends who can who can sing well and even play a Ibanez Bass guitar. I am happy that little one knows to follow the right tune when he sings. If the right time comes and he wants me to buy him a guitar I will surely buy him without hesitation.
Music is one of my frustrations and seeing the little one singing and playing the guitar would be great.

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