Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thermal Paper For My Friends Business

I do not remember mentioning here that a good friend of mine just opened her newly business which offer office and other school supplies. I really admire this friend because she can manage to budget her time. Imagine she is working in an eight to five work, she is taking up her doctorate degree on weekends, she is a mother of four and she is also into health business. If I do not know her personally I will surely think she is some kind a hero, a lady hero. The last time we talked was more than a week ago. She was very excited telling me how her newly opened business doing and that she got a customer already although she haven't had an official receipt to issue. But I know the receipt issue will be fix soon and maybe it is already solve while I am typing this post.

Well, I will not be surprise if she will succeed in her school and office supplies venture. As we all know paper is one vital important item in the supplies of many businesses and offices. Honestly I could not imagine life without paper. Next time I meet this friend I am going to ask her if she is already selling thermal paper and printer ribbons. We all know that a lot of customers will be looking for this kind of paper. Thermal paper is normally used in issuing receipt in the store and other business establishments. Same goes with the receipt paper. It is also commonly use in business.

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