Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Womens Health Matter During Pregnancy

A month ago, my younger sister told me that she is pregnant. Yay, our family is indeed getting bigger and bigger. Anyway, I was surprised because my sister's youngest kid just turned one year old few months ago. And well, I also knew she is taking pill to prevent from getting pregnant but I found out that she stopped taking the pill for health reason. My sister has four children already and I guess it is enough already but then having another baby in the family is simply a blessing.

The last time I visited my sister she is having a hard time dealing with the pregnancy. She is vomiting many times a day apart from morning sickness. It's her fifth baby and I guess she knows a lot about pregnancy but then I could not help but search online on pregnancy advice especially because I personally saw her staying in bed and could not eat a penny because of bad appetite.

I was just lucky because unlike my sister I had no problem during pregnancy which is good because I don't have anyone to take good care of me just in case I have to deal with morning sickness and all that. During pregnancy womens health is really important because the baby need it the most. Pregnant women should at least read about womens fitness articles for it will enlighten your knowledge on how to live healthy while pregnant.

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