Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is My Malware Protection Effective ?

I previously complained that my netbook is getting slower each day, usually it took me a minute to open my netbook and connect to internet but not now. Often times it took me eight minutes before I could start browsing. I've been in the same situation last year. My netbook caught a virus and I blame my nephew for using it to play online games. Why I say so? It is because it was the same time that I started having problem opening my netbook and I always lose internet connection although my internet provider would tell me that they don't see any problem with my connection. The boyfriend then advised that I should bring the netbook to the store where I bought it since it was still under warranty. The technician didn't see any problem with the netbook but he said the netbook need reformatting. I agreed to the technician, since then I didn't have any problem until recently when I caught my nephew playing the same games he was playing before. I guess I need to bring this once again for reformatting.

I am using the same malware protection that my boyfriend is using. I don't know if the anti-virus we are using is good enough to safeguard his laptop and my netbook. But since we are having the same problem lately I guess the anti-virus we are using it not good enough to protect us from malwares. As a blogger I often visit many website each day. We all know that not all website are safe to visit. With this having the most secure browser to use will surely minimize my netbook to catch malware that can harm the hard drive without my knowledge. Just recently a friend told me about her latest find online, a secure browser. I haven't visited the site yet but since I have this malware problem I am considering on visiting the site real soon.

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