Saturday, July 7, 2012

He Bumped His Head

More than a year ago, the nephew had a minor accident while he was playing. He accidentally bumped his head in a concrete wall. When he arrived home he goes directly to our room and lay in bed. I didn’t know about the incident as my nephew didn’t told me about it until my cousin came and told me what happen. I hurriedly checked my nephew in our room and there he was look so pale.

When I asked him to get up he started vomiting. I started to panicked and decided to call an ambulance and bring him the hospital. I have bad experienced in public hospital so I decided to bring him to the nearest private hospital and as soon as we arrive the doctors checked his condition. I guess my nephew was anxious and worried. He complained of having chest pain. The doctor started to check his vital sign but good thing his vital sign was okay. Then a question pop up, what would happen if I decided to bring the nephew in the nearest public hospital. I don’t even know if they patient monitor to check the patience vital signs.

Anyway, after some examination the doctor told us that my nephew is fine. But we decided to confine my nephew for observation.

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