Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Sunday...

..and I am working.

How is your weekend so far? As for me, I have a very hectic weekend schedule. I need to visit the public internet café near our place to work on my tasks. I also did our laundry yesterday and will continue later today. Just because I had bad asthma attack recently I need to be careful and avoid getting tired. My notebook is still in the repair shop. And, because it is Sunday I am not sure of the shop is open today, so I will just call tomorrow.

One of the reasons why I really don’t like to blog from the internet café is because the internet connection can be too slow. Just like now, I am trying to login to my all-time favorite site but it takes few minutes before the site load. I could only wish that although I have slow internet connection can still finish the tasks I have in my dashboard as I am want them to be included in the cut-off that might happen today or tomorrow.

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