Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bouncing Baby Boy

A power interruption occurred while I am looking at the screen of my notebook thinking what I am going to write. I was about to shut down the notebook but decided to continue what I am typing and just publish it later when I get back the electricity.

Anyway, no more cultural shows to watch at the town plaza, the festivity is over and thanks to my boyfriend for helping me financially. My younger sister didn’t make it as she was rush to the clinic around midnight. I was talking to boyfriend then when I received a message from her letting us know that she can’t make it as she is going to deliver her baby earlier than expected. I and the boyfriend were worried because my sister is living in a place where she needs to travel almost an hour before she reach the hospital. Since it's almost midnight transportation is also a problem. I know that I am lucky to have my boyfriend but it was this time when I found out how lucky I am really. He was too worried of my sister and the baby's welfare to the point that he even told my sister not to worry about money for he is willing to help her if she needs financial assistance.

My boyfriend ask me to keep him posted what is happening to my younger sister before we stop talking. I know he is really worry especially that my brother in law was not with my sister.

After three hours of waiting for my sister’s message I decided to call and there she was lying in bed and beside her is a healthy baby boy. Thanks goodness my sister and the baby are safe. In deed our family is growing.

And yes, the electricity back while typing this blog post.

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