Thursday, November 15, 2012

Save And Save And Save

I thought Mr. Sunshine will shine all day but I was wrong as it rain hard an hour ago. I am glad that my internet connection is not messing up as I have a lot of things to do online. I have few copy past articles from a direct advertiser. I also have some tasks from my all-time favorite paying site that need my attention.

I am not complaining as I really need to save again as I spent most of the saving because of online shopping. The stuff I have reserved few months ago from the US has finally arrived after six months of waiting. The stuff was supposed to arrive last August but for some reason that I do not know the box just arrived few days ago. I got a message from the sister of my friend online regarding my reserve order.

Now, that I almost finish my saving I need to save again. Hopefully online blessing continue to pour at my end or should I say, hopefully we may continue to receive blessings.. cheers!!!

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