Saturday, February 18, 2012

Door Kick Plate

Few months ago I noticed that our front door is not in good shape already. I know we need to buy another door in the near future. But I hope not really soon, perhaps two three years from now. Although I am not yet buying the new door I am already looking what kind of door I am going to buy. On my search I came across a website that offer door kick plate. I don’t have a plan on getting this kick plate for our current door but maybe if I’ll have my own house I want our door to have a kick plate as it add the beauty of the door.

How about you? Would you consider putting kick plate in your door? If so, you can visit, they have wide selection of kick plate that fits your budget.

A Non-sense New Blog Post

The problem of maintaining multiple blogs is that you cannot update all the blogs you own in a regular basis. Luckily I am one of those bloggers who maintain multiple blogs. And, well, there are times that I cannot simply update all the blogs I own no matter how I want to update them in a regular basis. Sometimes I just run out of words to say or maybe laziness is eating my butt, again. My blog would be lucky if I have online tasks to work on for it only mean one thing, I’ll have a chance to publish new blog post. Oh, I am not blaming the advertisers I am blaming myself for such a lazy blogger. Hehehehe..

Anyways, I missed joining weekly meme’s for the past couple of weeks. So I am to find photos that I am going to share here.