Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Annonymous Commenter

English is not my primary language I even seldom use it at home. I also accepted the fact that my grammar is not perfect. With this, I am open for criticism and foul comments from my fellow blogger and even to my visitors. I am certain that I am not the only one in the blogosphere who get foul comments about grammar. However if the commenter is anonymous, that’s another story.
Just a while ago, I happened to scan the comments for moderation from this blog. I got two comments from someone who didn’t put any identity in a blog post I posted two years ago. After reading the comments I somehow feel that the person who commented know me in person.

For my anonymous commenter, I don’t care if you are not happy with my grammar and if you’re not happy with my pseudonym. But one thing is for sure, this blogger who’s grammar is not perfect is being paid and I am sure happy of how do I look. How about you? Are happy with your looks? Do have a perfect grammar?

Next time to you leave a comment in any of my post leave your link.

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