Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Visiting A Radio Station

In one of my son's educational tour few years ago visiting a radio station was one of the itinerary. The children were amazed of how a disk jockey work when he/she is on air. It was my first time to visit a radio station so no wonder I am also amazed just like the children. I don't remember if the radio station we visited is using a Mackie dj mixers. I didn't put much attention to it.

Anyway, I found out that working as a DJ is exciting yet it can be a daunting job. And one thing is for sure I will not pass as a disk jockey, Lol.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Smile Even If...

...if you feel like problem are pouring at your end. Just like me, although I am dealing lots of problem as of this moment I still believe that I am blessed and that I am given this problem to test my faith and to make me a better and stronger person.

And just like my son, there are times that he is afraid of what had happenef almost four months ago. There are times that he miss his cousins who passed away but like me he still manage to smile and enjoy his childhood.

If you're carrying a lot of problem today, just smile. Life is too short..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Water Pump

Few days after the super typhoon Yolanda,basic needs such as food, water, shelter is what we had encounter. I didn't imagine eating rice that was soaked in an unclean sea water. I have experience fetching water in the next barangay. But then, survival is what we really aim on that time so we shall do everything for the sake of surviving.

100 days after the typhoon there are few barangays that are struggling on fetching drinking water. Good thing a non government organization installed a water pumps near the tents where homeless families are living temporarily.

Monday, February 17, 2014

On And Off Internet Connection

I have been trying to work on with my undone tasks since this morning but my not so efficient internet connection didn't allow me to do o. And the reason why I am still awake although it is already passed midnight. Well, I could not afford to let the blessing slip in my hand so I shall work on them before I run out of time.

I am really grateful that I still get to work online although I do not have much time like I used to have. At this point of time I shall grab the opportunity to earn online little by little.

I know despite the problems I have right now, I still consider myself lucky and that is something to i want to celebrate every single day.