Thursday, November 26, 2015

Long Elegant Prom Dresses

I am glad that I do not have any picture taken during our Prom night back in high school. I can still vividly remember my look. And boy! I am not pleasant to look at. Well, I am not alone because most of did not hire someone to do our hair and make up. The gowns we were wearing was not elegant and stunning as well if I am to compared the gowns these days. If someone will ask me to wear the gown wore on that time there is no doubt that I will say NO without a second thought.

Now, that I have a cousin who is a professional make up artist I sometimes wish that I was born after he was born so I will be perfectly beautiful every time I am going to attend the Prom night. Wearing one of the Long Prom Dresses I found at Landybridal. One of the sought after online store in Europe when it comes to your bride, bridesmaid and other special occasions need.


I perfectly love the idea of wearing the royal blue long gown. It may be look simple on picture but I know it will look elegant on me.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Romantic Chiffon Short Dress at 80% Discount!

Achieve a prom-queen and sassy look with our newest Pink Chiffon Short Dress that's ideal for all evening social events. Try our other sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL!

Pink but almost Old Rose in color, this short dress is the hottest we have in store for you! With an embedded plain light-colored ribbon for added detail and Chiffon material to give a sheer illusion, this dress will make any eye fall for you.
The twirly laces at the back portion of the dress really looks playful. The pleats and crumples on the dress makes it prettier and very feminine. More details of this dress are can be found in this link

Wearing a vibrant colored lipstick matches this dress best!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Am Back For Good

I am really hoping that I am really back for good. I could not believe that I neglected this blog for almost a year now. When I am just started in the blogging world I can vividly remember how excited I am to post random update. In fact, there are times that I can post multiple blog post in a day but that was before, when I am still addicted to blog and when I still have a reliable desktop and internet connection. But most of all it was before I started maintaining multiple blogs.

I knew having multiple blogs is not enough reason to neglect my blogs because in the first place it was my choice to make as many blog as I can. Anyway, now that I am in the mood to blog I will try my best not to lost the mojo I have right now. Instead I will use it as a motivation to blog more and keep all blog updated in a regular basis.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Using Online Financial Resources to Pay Expenses

Financial emergencies can happen to anyone. Even if you have money in your savings account, you may not have enough to cover whatever expense has arisen. When you need cash today, but cannot get a loan at a bank or borrow money from friends or relatives, you may wonder if you have any other option available to you. You can get the finances you need to meet this expense and avoid the stress and inconvenience that comes with other financing methods by utilizing online resources like a California cash advance.

This line of financing is open to many people in your situation. If you have a job or some other form of income, you could apply online, provide the necessary documentation, and be approved within a few hours' time, if not sooner. Even more, you can opt to have the money deposited into your bank account or onto a prepaid card for your convenience. Within hours, you can have the money to pay the bill and avoid the worry of what would happen if you default on that obligation.

After you are approved and utilize the money for whatever purpose, you can then repay it when you get paid. The money can come out of your paycheck and effectively pay off that obligation, giving you the opportunity to readvance the loan if you need more money for other expenses. Before you decide if you would like to advance out the loan again, it is advisable that you read the terms and conditions when you first apply. This information will help you be prepared for the fees and other costs associated with this type of financing.

Reading the terms and conditions found on the website also will let you know what state laws may apply to your finance option. Everyone is encouraged to read about state laws on the website because these guidelines do in fact apply to them. When you have this information on hand, you can make a proactive decision about how to use the money and whether or not this option is right for you.

Financial emergencies happen when you least expect them. You can meet these monetary crises and get the cash you need within hours by utilizing online resources. You can find out more by visiting the website and reading about the terms and conditions. These facts will let you be proactive with your financing needs.

Here For An Update!

I must admit that I did not noticed that my last post prior to this blog post was last April, thatvis more than five months already. Yours truly has been on and off in the blogging world since my earning is not as good as it is before. So I tried searching for another means of earning online and gladly I found one. My time is mostly spent on the website posting articles, liking, commenting and viewing other article. I am not yet earning a passive income just like before when blogging was my bread and butter. But I am certain that one day I will attain my goal on that website. I shall work harder for my goal to be achieve.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Graduation Gift Ideas

Its graduation season down here in my other part of the universe. Gift to the graduates is practice by some individuals. Unfortunately, I didn't experience receiving gifts when I graduated in elementary, high school and even when I graduated my two years computer course. I understand why we were not given any gifts on our graduation day. It is because my mother were having financial difficulties that buying gifts for us seemed too difficult to do.

Anyway, if money is not a problem then buying gifts for your graduating loved ones is not a problem. Well, deciding on what to buy can be dauting but I am certain it will be easy searching the perfect gift. More so that there are lots of online store that offer stylish clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and a lot more. Just recently a friend told me that she came across a variety of accessories available at Zalora.

When shopping it pays to be resourceful in a difficult economy whether online or the traditional way of shopping.
So why spend too much for a gift when you can actually found a variety of accessories available at Zalora without emptying your wallet.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

On Wedding Preparation


What is the word that cross your mind when you heard the word wedding? It is the bridal gown? Does it cross your mind whether the groom will wear a suit or tuxedo? Or perhaps the tiring preparations of the couple before the actual big day. Whatever you have in mind that can be associated with wedding, one thing is for sure wedding preparation is not easy as ABC. The couple needs to thoroughly plan what they really want to achieve on thier wedding day. There are a lot of things to consider in order for the couple to achieve thier dream wedding. Believe me, you have to put all your effort from wedding gown down to Wedding Gloves.

I am not a pro nor experienced in the field of wedding preparation. But if I am given a chanceto prepare my wedding, I will make sure of the availability of the church where I dream of walking down the aisle. Of course, the budget come first but since we are in a stage planning it is already granted that we have money to spend. So for me, I will consider to booked the church first. More especially if you choose the month of June. I dont know what is with this month that more couple choose this month over the other months. After securing the church, searching for wedding gown comes next. But if you dream if wearing a gown made by popular designer then your wedding gown comes first.

After the gown and the church, the venue for the reception comes next and then the foods and desert will follow. Choosing the right person to document the memories on your wedding day and before the wedding really matter, so be careful on choosing your official photographer and videographer.

And believe me when I say that you will not achieve your dream wedding in case you forget to attend the small details such as flowers, Wedding Garters and even Bridal Headpieces. The best advice I can give to those who are planning to get married is save and prepare ahead of time.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Halo halo Craving

Summer season is just around the corner here in my other part of the world. Although is not officially summer, the temperature is like summer already. So wonder people here would love to have refreshment that will help us ease the hotness we fell.

Since last week I've been craving to eat halo halo. Halo halo (shaved ice dessert) is by far the number one refreshment and dessert by Filipinos. It taste good and sweet.

After few months, I finally had a chance to taste the delicious, sweet and refreshing desert. Although it was no that too hot today I noticed a lot of customers in the fastfood ordered halo halo.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moving For A While

Months ago, our town is one of the many towns that were badly affected by the traumatic super typhoon. Aside from foods, water and clothing, shelter became s problem of those who lost thier homes. Some people opt to build temporary shelter, for some, they choose to move to another place for a while.

Moving to another place that time was difficult because of transortation but it didn't stop them from leaving our town. That time, they believed it was the best thing to do. Good thing no one needs the service of overseas car shipping for I am certain it is more difficult than getting a ride to the next city.


It is windy here in my other part of the world. As I type this blog post the wind blows into my face and blows my hair. Hence my hair is long and it is making me uncomfoetable I opted to tie it although it is not fully dry yet.

On the other note, I grateful that I was able to close a deal last Friday. I am already working on the post. Hoping I can finish the three blog post the soonest so I can submit the link to the advertiser and get my payment.

I am still praying for more work online. I need to save for my home project.