Friday, August 31, 2007


I really don’t know how to start, will me and my love have a problem. And again I am not saying what it is. It’s for us to keep it. Furthermore I know that we will handle this problem good like our passed problem. In our 19 months relationship we had bump into some problem and me able to survive it. Right now I am missing my love. Problem is that we not able to chat about this problem but we will for sure after he is out from his medication.

busy bee.....

Been busy for the fast two days. Last yesterday I was with my mother she needs to see a specialist cos her breast is hurting. She was advise to have an ultrasound we already had the result but we haven’t gave it to her doctor cos we still need to wait one result and it takes 3 working days. So we will be going back to the hospital on Monday. I really pray all will be okay. Wednesday night I start cutting picture for my nephew’s project in school. And continue it today, cutting and pasting and writing. Nahhh… I did not do this when I was at my first grade. But teaching strategy now a day has a large difference of the teaching strategy during my time. Although I am too busy my love always pops in my mind. Been 2 days since we last chat and it was a very short chat. How I terribly miss him. What more to the following 22 days? Ooohhh I still cant’s imagine but for sure we will survive.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

total lunar eclipse

Last night at 6:30 there was a total lunar eclipse. The Moon does not disappear from view during a full eclipse, but is shielded by Earth for about 90 minutes from the Sun's direct light. The longest possible duration for the total phase is 107 minutes and last occurred in July 2000.A total eclipse can only take place at full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through the zone, called the umbra, in which the Earth blocks all of the Sun's rays. The color cast by refracted light -- which can range from bright orange to blood red to copper to dark gray -- depends on the amount of volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere blocking the Sun's light. In the absence of recent eruptions, the Moon should be a vivid red or orange, according to NASA. Total lunar eclipses normally occur roughly every couple of years, but this year there will have been two, the other having taken place on March 3. The next chance to see the Moon slip entirely into terrestrial shadows will be on February 21, 2008, but after that the wait is longer: December 2010. (From I am grateful that I witness this lunar eclipse. Astrologist says this will affect to the attitude of the person who is born under Pieces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. But it is more evident to Pieces and Virgo. Anyone who is born on the mention sign will be easy to be mad, hot temper, irritable, and moody or you can be the reverse on the mention later. But for me I was moody and just realized it when I heard this. They also say you will fell this 2 days before the eclipse or 2 days after the eclipse.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a promise...

below is the message which Gvendur (my love) sent on my friendster comments. Isn't it sweet...nahhhh... i am so happy when i recieced it. Hi love u the best thing which ever happened to me. We say in my country when we truely love someone that we are ready to do anything for that someone even though it is raining both ashes and fier.I say to you my love that I will be at your side not later than the 3th of oktober although there will be coming fier and ashes from the heaven as rain. At the same time I promise to try to make this happen on the 30th of September.So just you get ready for beeing after that totally and unconditionally in love forever. Bye.Gvendur

bastard comumnist...MALU FERNANDEZ

I have posted about Malu Fernandez on my older blog and I also posted this issue on the discussion on my friendster group. Furthermore I’d come to a decision to post it again here. I read an article written by a certain Malu Fernandez from Manila Standard saying disgusting, degrading, humiliating, embarrassing words to FILIPINO OVERSEAS WORKERS. As a journalist she is assume to act as model to the people. As I am reading her known article it pops on my mind if she has the right to write such an article. I pity her for putting her self on high standard. What she think of herself? Shame on her she looks like a pig on here photos.hehehehee… Lately she had a public apology but to my surprise she is blaming her readers. She is saying if you don’t want to read her magazine don’t read it. Nahh…. Doesn’t she know the magazine is a reading stuff not for watching or display at home? Girl….i think you lost you IQ after hearing brutal reactions. And do you think what u said is going back on you? Oohhh this soon…..pity you. And to Malu Fernandez good luck to your new life as you have resigned at Manila Standard. Will best thing to do I the right side below of the article to make the article readable..

Monday, August 27, 2007

'cos of LOVE

I am heading to my 20 months of being in love to Gvendur (my love) and I am enjoying it although we are not yet on each other’s arm. We’ve had some rocky roads in our relationship but thanks God we manage to outdo problems. Isn’t love and romance is all about it. Main point is we learn and grow in every obstacle that passes our way and it helps us more in love to each other. And on Wednesday my love need to take some medication and he will be far from his pc for 24 days.ooohh yes u read it right 24 days. No phone call for 10 days. I am thankful they allow him to send sms in between these days. Mygosh…I can’t imagine life without him in my everyday routine. Huhuhuuh…good luck to myself…. Anyway I am just thinking that after this anguish I will have him for the rest of my life. How I wish we will be together in our 2nd year anniversary. Isn’t great? Oohhh I will be the happiest individual on that day.


Agh….this will be my first post here. Time is 2:50 in the morning and I just go online to check if Gvendur (my love) have offline cos he did not call to wake me up for chat. And bingo I have offline from him. I have my strange colds again. Yes, you read it right strange colds; cos I sometimes have colds that last for an hour. So for sure I’ll be better after one hour. ^-^ I’ll go back to sleep now my eyes don’t have enough yet. Sooo sweet dream to me