Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bastard comumnist...MALU FERNANDEZ

I have posted about Malu Fernandez on my older blog and I also posted this issue on the discussion on my friendster group. Furthermore I’d come to a decision to post it again here. I read an article written by a certain Malu Fernandez from Manila Standard saying disgusting, degrading, humiliating, embarrassing words to FILIPINO OVERSEAS WORKERS. As a journalist she is assume to act as model to the people. As I am reading her known article it pops on my mind if she has the right to write such an article. I pity her for putting her self on high standard. What she think of herself? Shame on her she looks like a pig on here photos.hehehehee… Lately she had a public apology but to my surprise she is blaming her readers. She is saying if you don’t want to read her magazine don’t read it. Nahh…. Doesn’t she know the magazine is a reading stuff not for watching or display at home? Girl….i think you lost you IQ after hearing brutal reactions. And do you think what u said is going back on you? Oohhh this soon…..pity you. And to Malu Fernandez good luck to your new life as you have resigned at Manila Standard. Will best thing to do I the right side below of the article to make the article readable..

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