Friday, August 31, 2007

busy bee.....

Been busy for the fast two days. Last yesterday I was with my mother she needs to see a specialist cos her breast is hurting. She was advise to have an ultrasound we already had the result but we haven’t gave it to her doctor cos we still need to wait one result and it takes 3 working days. So we will be going back to the hospital on Monday. I really pray all will be okay. Wednesday night I start cutting picture for my nephew’s project in school. And continue it today, cutting and pasting and writing. Nahhh… I did not do this when I was at my first grade. But teaching strategy now a day has a large difference of the teaching strategy during my time. Although I am too busy my love always pops in my mind. Been 2 days since we last chat and it was a very short chat. How I terribly miss him. What more to the following 22 days? Ooohhh I still cant’s imagine but for sure we will survive.

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