Monday, August 27, 2007

'cos of LOVE

I am heading to my 20 months of being in love to Gvendur (my love) and I am enjoying it although we are not yet on each other’s arm. We’ve had some rocky roads in our relationship but thanks God we manage to outdo problems. Isn’t love and romance is all about it. Main point is we learn and grow in every obstacle that passes our way and it helps us more in love to each other. And on Wednesday my love need to take some medication and he will be far from his pc for 24 days.ooohh yes u read it right 24 days. No phone call for 10 days. I am thankful they allow him to send sms in between these days. Mygosh…I can’t imagine life without him in my everyday routine. Huhuhuuh…good luck to myself…. Anyway I am just thinking that after this anguish I will have him for the rest of my life. How I wish we will be together in our 2nd year anniversary. Isn’t great? Oohhh I will be the happiest individual on that day.

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