Saturday, September 8, 2007

an honest mistake?

Few days ago a mistake happened on one of the segment of Wowowie it’s their new game Wilyonaryo. What happened is there were two numbers in one of the box. The management did not explain regarding this mistake not until Joey de Leon of the rival station saying awful words to the wowowie show. But then I believed to Wellie Revillame that he did not deceive his audience and followers. I always like wowowie because they help lot of people. And they had a lot of fun. With regard to this mistake the MTRCB chairman call the attention of willie and joey because they are exchanging words that is not good for the viewers. Revillame was in attendance but de Leon was not. Revillame promise he stop saying words against de leon. And is willing to reconcile to de leon. On the other hand Joey de Leon did see to the chairman of the MTRCB and he says he is willing to reconcile to Willie Revillame but with his conditions..huh? I don’t know why he wants that. anyway I just wish this mistake will be fix soon..

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