Thursday, September 20, 2007

random thoughts..

I haven’t received any sms and call from my love. huhuhu..I blame that for the bad connection I just wish he can phone me later today. Miss him so much... This morning I search about word press tutorial again. I really want to know how to use WP on my website. Until I arrive at this group on yahoo about word press. Without having a second thought I join this word press magic. And I had a chance to chat to a very nice member ladyjbaers. She promises me to help build a site on word press and do some tutorial .Yeppeeyy at last I will have a new website. But of course not until Lolli of approve my application for her free web hosting. We will start building my website as soon as Lolli approve my application. I am done with my homework which is to search for a free FTP Program. I hope I choice a good one. Its I will know the answer tomorrow after I chat to Ladyjbaers again. So wish me luck to my new project.hehehehe…My son is sick again. He was okay last Saturday to Tuesday and now he has asthma again. I can’t really stop him from playing. How I wish he will not play until he is fully recover. I always feel bad when he has asthma cos he always vomiting. To my son Justin Aiken get well soon. I’ll pray for your fast recovery.

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