Tuesday, October 23, 2007

addicted to TV show

Marimar and Sergio

I’ve been thinking of what to note down for update today. And boy… I can’t think of any but I want to share the show that I am getting addicted to. I am hooked with this TV show entitled Marimar. Marimar captured the Filipino’s house during the 90’s stars of the Mexican actress Thalia. I wasn’t have time to watch this show before because I was hooked up with Rosalinda who also stars Thalia. Now GMA network is airing it back but with Filipino stars. Marian Rivera plays the rule of Marimar, simple naïve lass who were separated from her real parent because of an accident. Found and raised with an old couple who adores and treat her as their own. She met Sergio (Dindong Dantes) and falls in love then decided to get married. But her life went bad because of Sergio’s ex girlfriends who are then the wife of Sergio’s father. Marimar’s life became wretched when Sergio decided to work in Guam. And she met her real father (Don Gustavo).and change her life. This show made me cry many times.hehehehe… This week I will be looking forward for the return of the new Marimar “Bella Aldama”

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Trinity said...

Marimar and Sergio! I used to watch that telenovela as well.. :-)

Rosemarie, you've been tagged write about your most common writing mistake... here's the link

Lisa said...

I love to watch the original Marimar wayback 1997. It was such a hit then. Good they revived it with filino stars. Rose I tagged you. Please visit my site for the rules. Thanks

marie said...

wow! I'm also addicted to Marimar as in!

Len said...

naku! addicted na rin ako..hirap pa mandin mag work at home while trying to take a sneak of the update on this teleserye.