Friday, October 19, 2007


When i decide to earn money in blogging i try to submit my blog in any advertiser that offer bloggers to earn extra money. The first choice is PPP since i saw lot of bloggers is into this site. But boy... its not that easy. Yesterday i recieved a letter from them saying that my blog is denied for the reason that my blog is not 90 days old from my first post. My first entry was last week of August so i still need to wait until next month and i will try to re-submit my blog. On the other hand i also try to submit my blog in smorty but then again my blog is denied cos of my page rank.huhuhu.... yewww....isn't a bit frustration? hehehehe... Anyway my blog is accepted by two site the bloggerwave and blogsvertise and still waiting for my next job. I've been waiting for more than a week since i last did my first entry.hope i will have a new job to do soon...

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