Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Frustrations, disappointment, this always get into my nerve. I can’t really don’t know I hate with this traits. I know this can be a basis in fulfilling my dreams. Although I know I need to cross these obstacles before I can have my dreams. But what about when you set your mind that your dream will be accomplish in just a matter of days or weeks. And you will just know you need to wait for a longer time. I know it is reasonable if the explanation is valid, but because I am stubborn I get mad easily. I also think I need to think of the feelings of other not only myself. I just hope I am not that bad in his eyes.hehehehe…Anyway when u love someone all you want is to be with that person. No matter what…see how stubborn I can be. But at the end of the day i realized that i only need to wait for the right time

2 shared thoughts:

Anonymous said...

u'll be together soon...just pray hard. hav fun while waiting for him.. beside u dont hav to be with him to love him.. u can love him anytime and anywhere

Prettymom said...

yes u right tey. but you the longing to be with someone