Friday, October 26, 2007

wildfires in south california

The wildfires in South California is all over the news for many days now. Authorities says that the fire destroy 800,000 square miles of South California and about 40 firefighters is injured. The number of death is also increasing. More than 500,000 people is now in the evacuation center.I feel bad to those Filipinos that lost their home because of this disaster. I really hope that this will be over soon. Yesterday i saw a reporter doing his job while his house is on fire. huh.... I dnt know where he get his guts to do his job while he is lossing his house. Maybe he already accept that he cant do anything but to move on. Further more President Bush declared San Deigo under calamity. I thought only Filipinos do looting when a fire occur i am surprized that it also happened in other country.

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marie said...

Hi Rose, thanks for the inspiring comment and good luck wish.. I wish your mom will will too.

**"Liza"** said...

naku grabe naman nya..I need to check that news..i hope for everybody can come home soon..

Prettymom said...

yes you right Liza nakakaawa talaga ung mga Filipino na apektado sa wildfires na ito