Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a good plasma wall bracket

We don’t have plasma television at home but my Aunt’s have it in their home. She bought it all the way from London. I once saw it on their entertainment room. My aunt put it on a television table it was nice but I know it will be nicer if it will be put in a higher position. One day she asked to me if I can look around on how much is a plasma wall bracket in the city.

My Aunt will be going back to London after Christmas and now I have an idea to let her buy it on dekomount. I am sure she will like the idea to purchase this plasma wall bracket in London since she bought her plasma TV from there. What is good with dekomaount is that they can have it deliver the following day in her place. And if my Aunt want to pick it up it is also possible at the same day of the purchase. They also offer 18 months warranty on the product. If it happened that the bracket she purchased is not good she will then have her money back. So I am pretty sure that my Aunt would like to check this.

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