Saturday, November 24, 2007

hearing protection at

Sometimes we forget how important our hearing. Seldom we don’t mind when out ear is hurting. I came from a big family and sometimes my brother’s and cousin played loud music and I can’t stop then each time I asked them to minimize the volume. I guess because they feel the music when it is loud. And almost everyday my little cousins, nephew and son play at home. And we all know when the children are playing shouting and unintentional noise.

I once told my mother that I want to buy a Hearing Protection because too much noise in a day simply makes my ears hurt. Using ear plugs is in fact great for my ears. This is very useful for all the unplanned loud noise, loud music, loud truck and cars engine. I would advise the musician to have a Musician ear plug. Especially to those who are playing loud music. They should take extra care to their hearing because it one of their assets in the music industries.

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