Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am going to sleep now but first i will ask some advise from my blogger mate. Does anyone here a member of blogitive? I did my first post and i cant submit my post. Anyone can give some advise? I will gladly appreciate it. thanks in advance

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FL Sam said...

Hi Rosemarie, I got your comments at my site.

For Blogitive, you have to add the post Url and copy the post contents before you submit.

Check out what is the error message.

If any more problem, let me know.

Hope all will be fine.:)

FL Sam said...

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Anonymous said...

gina copy ba nimo ang URL sa imong post rose? plus you have to copy the content sa imo post ibutang sa box with title pod. Hope this helps.

Emmyrose said...

Hi Rose,

What kind of error are you getting? You need to post the url (permalink) of the post and the copy of the content without the html..

Hope that solves the problem :)

Prettymom said...

i always got this error message "Your Post was not submitted. The link to the campaign on your posting page is improperly named. (Should be 'Credit Card Reward Program'"