Thursday, November 15, 2007

join smorty

When I started to blog I never thought that I can get paid to blog. My main goal really is to chronicle my daily thoughts, rants and rambling in life. Until I read many blogger’s testimony saying that they are earning money from blogging. Then I told myself why not try it to confirm what they are all saying about getting a payment to blog. At first I had a second thought on joining blog advertising since I am a newbie in blogging and also because I am doing this for the first time.

After reading and searching the net on what is best and who promise to bloggers to blog for money I came to this site called smorty. After reading there rules, process and FAQ’s I have decided to give it a try. Although I had a second thought in joining them it didn’t stop me to submit my blog. Even though I haven’t met the blog requirement to be at least 3 months from the first post. After being rejected twice finally I received an affirmation that my blog is approved.

When I finally open my control panel I was really surprised that I already have 4 opportunities waiting for me. And I received opportunities everyday. Isn't a good chance to earn? I am sure in less than a month I can earn some amount just doing blog advertising. So what are you waiting for join smorty to get paid to blog.

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