Wednesday, November 21, 2007

loss weight at journey lite

Before I weigh up 46-47 kilos and now it 58.5 kilos I gained more than 10 kilos in almost 2 years. I am now planning to have a diet. And I know it will not be easy I also have a plan to take supplemental tablets. But I am scared to take any without the prescription of the specialist. So I might as well do the diet and exercise. I know there is a number of ladies that having a hard time loosing weight. Although they have tried serious diet, slimming tea, slimming tablets but nothing happened.

Maybe you need a serious medical attention. houston lapband is a safest way to loss weight it does not involve any cutting. This can also be performing in an out patient. At journey lite they have skilled and experienced bariatric surgeons, healthcare professionals. So you will always be safe with them. What is good in journey lite is they will help you all the way to finding an experienced surgeon, to insurance approval and to extensive follow-up.

So come and try journey lite.

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