Sunday, November 11, 2007

what's happening

Hooohh I've been trying to add new link since last night but i always recieved an error notice. Is there any wrong with the blogger or is there something wrong to my blog? huhuhuhuh.....anyone place help me..

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mari said...

hi sis! you can try blogrolling instead of the blogger one. it is easier to manage and you can even have an option that informs you that your friends have new posts :)

Prettymom said...

thanks marie how will i do that?

mari said...

is, just log in sa then create an account. tapos add mo na yung friends list mo dun. isa isa nga lang uli manually but after that, madali na yung succeeding entries.
after you entered your list, bibigyan ka ng widget na pwede mong i-add sa sidebar mo.

if you have more questions, pm mo na lng ako :)

Prettymom said...

okies thanks for the info sis

Nova said...

Halo Rose, im really having trouble getting inside ur page, i can't viewed it without hitting the stop button on my browser for some reasons beyond my control. i'm sorry and congrats for the improvement ha... i'm proud of you girl... how are things going on with u na?

i can't even leave message into ur shouterbox because when i hit the stop, it won't download.... i hope things will go out right with u...*hugs*