Tuesday, December 4, 2007

auto approved

Hello Rosemarie Mabini,

Congratulations!! Your PayPerPost , residential mailbox for our homes, has been automatically approved based on your high quality performance as a PPP Postie!

Congrats again on being an outstanding PPP Postie!! And watch for more auto approvals!!!

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

Isn't good to receive a notifications e-mail like this? I am surprise when I read this message. Why Not? I only started making review in PPP last Tuesday (November 27,2007) and knowing that your psot is auto approved will for sure make your day. You not need to wait for days to know if you did good in your post. Looking forward for more auto approved post.

3 shared thoughts:

Tey said...

hayyy ako kaya kelan.. I've been making mistakes kasi.. im not reading the instruction very well..but I got 2 that was approved without mistakes..thx God..
It will be good for your Score and will have higher offers in the near future..goodluck Rose

Prettymom said...

i really hope so they.nahh i did ask shabem what PPP's instruction for posting and she told me to di like this non paid post PPP post and non paid post. yan lang naman ginagawa ko minsa nga nakalimitan ko icheck kung ilang minimum ba na words ang kailangan dahil sa pagmamadali.hehehe

Pretty Life Online said...

congrats girl! galing mo naman hehehe sana soon maging member na rin me hehehe... newbie kasi me ka nag aalangan me mag member sa PPP.