Friday, December 7, 2007

boston red sox spring training schedule

My cousin is Boston e-mailed me last week and she has been talking about the concert they watched with her boyfriend. Based on her e-mail I can say that they both enjoyed the concert and saw every move of the singer. This made me think that their ticket assigned them to good seats. Huh, that made me feel excited too because I know the feeling of seeing a celebrities and more if you can nearly touch her/him. Anyway I hurriedly responded to her email and ask her if the had a good seat. And I am right all the while they had a good seat her boyfriend gets it from She also told me that her boyfriend is checking about this Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule and of course buy good tickets like he did in the last concert the saw. For sure this lover will have a great fun when they finally attend this Red Sox Training. Huh, I am getting excited with this cousin of mine she is really enjoying and having fun.

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