Tuesday, December 4, 2007

eager to go to school

I mentioned in my previous entry that my 34 months old son is enthusiastic to go to school. This morning he made it to attend the class in the daycare center. Funny because he just gets up from bed and found out that his Kuya Lyndon (cousin) is preparing to go to school. So he hurriedly pick his pajama since he take it off cos he need to pee get here knapsack and run to my Tita’s house which is next house to us. There he saw his uncle who is also preparing to school. This time he want to change his clothes and wear his uncle’s uniform. I was surprised when he get home to get his shoes wearing a uniform hence he wearing a uniform I ask him to have a bath yay… he did not allow me to take it off that make him go to school without taking a bath he just ask me to put some cologne.hehehe…. what is pleasant is that he behave inside the classroom.

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