Thursday, December 20, 2007

good morning

good morning bloggers hope you had a nice sleep. yay, many gray opps and unluckily i did not able to grab any of those. just arrived from the church and i immediately open my pc. i almost can not make it to the church today because it is raining when my alarm rang. good thing it stopped, me and my cousin aiza headed to the church. now that rain is back.

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Norm said...

good morning rose! thanks sa visit, take care

Nova said...

same here day, kasi naman it was really drizzling outside, but still i didn't give up, i waited and good thing that i was Bless jud. and the advantage of having a private car para muhatod og musundo pud.. hehehehe...

sus, naglaway jud ko sa mga gray sa oppz...wala jud ko makaabot do!