Wednesday, December 5, 2007

grown-up christmas wish

Christmas Myspace Graphics

A tag that is that is for holiday season. A blogger friend Emmyrose tag me with this nice tag. Thanks for this sis. I am now passing this grown up tag to PrettyLifeOnline, MarieJ, Lolli, Rebecca, Femikey, Merideth, Poray, Shabem, and TeRems

  • Good health for my whole family and friends especially to my love that is not with me this time.
  • Be with my love early next year.
  • Have a family of my own hopefully next year too. **winks**
  • Have a continues good relationship that I have now
  • Forgiveness to those people you hurt me.
  • More blessing to those you having a problem on their daily needs.
  • Be able to forget bad moments and experience for this year.
  • Finally, peace to all the people.

5 shared thoughts:

HartofDixie said...

Thanks for the tag Rose! Great wishes.

Merydith said...

Thank you for the tag Rose. I will do it na. Take Care !!!

Prettymom said...

thanks merideth for doing the tag

Skippyheart said...

ok sis Rosemarie...done

Thank you as always. Take care. :)

Marie said...

am doing it right now rose...check mo lang mamaya...have a blast weekend sis!