Monday, December 24, 2007

have a great vacation in UK

My aunt used to live in London, England with her family and she will go back early next year. We sometimes talk about how beautiful the place of London and of course when we are talking about London the first thing that will come into our mind is the Big Ben. And the popular song which I thought that the bridge in London is really falling down I only found out that it is only a song when I older. But before we can see the beauty of London we need to be sure that we will have a good accommodation for us to enjoy our stay. At you will see affordable Hotels in London.

You can also drop in Manchester and watch the famous football game then have a great stay in one of the Hotels in Manchester. After roaming around London and Manchester you still want more. Why not visit the Queen Elizabeth palace in Birmingham and stay at Hotels in Birmingham. You will never forget this vacation in your whole life. Therefore visit to avail a great accommodation and their last minute and year round accommodation with free inclusions at prices.

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Anonymous said...

hi rose
I wish you all a Merry Christmas,
And a very happy new year!

Prettymom said...

thanks for the visit ethel