Friday, December 28, 2007


Yesterday afternoon i received a call from asking me of i can pick up the stuff which my love purchased from them. I said yes and she told me she wills end the tracking number and i received it this morning. she told me that i can pick up the product today. First dropped at the LBC branch was at 2 pm and since the stuff wasn't there i decided to go home since i will chat my love at 3 pm. did ask the guy who is responsible for pick up package and told me that my package will be ready at 5 pm. so i go back at 5 pm and since i don't want to g back tomorrow i decided to wait until the next cargo arrive as 2 other people decided to wait. but to my dismay my stuff wasn't there so i immediately call the girl who called me yesterday as i am really pissed that time. and i was more pissed when this bitch did not answer her phone instead she off her phone and did not dare to answer my sms. and because i am really pissed i send her sms again saying to contact me again if she is sure that the product is in tacloban and ready for pick up as i will not going to go back tomorrow to wait for nothing.

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Tey said...

hey slow down...easy... holiday pa naman ngayon lols...keeps smiling..