Sunday, December 2, 2007

a poem

Love is so very special

Yet can make you feel so lost

It can arrive just like the springtime

And melt away like morning frost

You must find ways to nurture

Always grow your love with care

Never ever take for granted

The love that you both share

Mistakes are bound to happen

You may hurt each other's heart

Yet don't give up to easily

It will tear your love apart

Love resembles a bright flame

Those lights in dark starry night

Never ever let this flame burn down

Rekindle with all your might

Take a moment every day

Look deep into each other's eyes

Never hesitate to show affection

Small gestures will keep a love alive

Talk openly about your feelings

Take time to show that you care

Treasure each and every moment

Because to find true love is rare - Connie Thomas Lugo -

I just love this poem it describe how I feel today. This teaches us what to do to keep the person we love. The poem is actually telling the truth to find a real and true love is a rare. Never hesitate to show your feelings toward that persona and have an open communication for sure you will have a smooth and good relationship.

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